Top 3 Insomnia Causes: How to identify Insomnia Causes ?



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June 27, 2017

There are various insomnia causes, everyone experience some form of insomnia at some time in their lifetime. If you experience insomnia at the moment without knowing how to cope with it, this article can help you. Have a look at the following and identify yours, this could help in treating and remedying your problem.

Anxiety and Stress

Have you experienced breathlessness at a sudden thought? Does your heart double flip when you think of your upcoming oral exam? Both situations cause insomnia because of anxiety and stress and this is natural. Worrying about certain events in your life is normal. The one-million dollar question is, “How do you cope with it?”

One superb method to cope is to do something about the event that is worrying you. You can prepare well for the exams by studying. This would lessen the stress because you know; you would be able to answer the exam questions.

Drugs and alcohol

Drugs and alcohol is a deadly combination. When you do drugs and drink alcohol simultaneously, you are courting disaster and death. Most drugs have side effects that are aggravated by alcohol. Alcohol depresses the Central Nervous System (CNS) and when coupled with drugs may depress it seriously causing coma and death. This is one of the insomnia causes that is very common in the young, who are seeking  their own identities.

Insomnia comes in when addiction sets in. Initially, you would feel “sleepy” with the drug and alcohol, but as you acquire the addiction, normal amounts that had prompted you to “sleep’ would no longer maintain the same effect; you would experience insomnia and be restless instead, unable to sleep continuously during the night.

Stop drinking alcohol and drugs while you still can. If this is not possible, go to a rehabilitation center for your addiction before it is too late. Enlist the support of friends and family to help you through your rehabilitation process.

Unhealthy Lifestyle

Sometimes, you go through your daily routine practicing  unhealthy  manner.  You party and eat like a King at dinnertime and have all those updated gizmos and gadgets in your room because it is the fad, even if they distract you from sleep. You have to know which practices are unhealthy and eschew them. Examples of these unhealthy practices are eating a sumptuous dinner, exercising before going to sleep, stuffing yourself with chocolates at nighttime, drinking colas instead of water, which lead to chronic insomnia in the long run.

Learn about living a healthy life. You can do this by reading and researching health topics. Eat more at breakfast and less at dinnertime. Avoid high glycemic index foods and fatty foods that would cause imbalance of your endocrine system. Drink copious amounts of water and avoid fizzy drinks and alcohol. These are only a few of the many health practices that you should be aware of. Once you turn your lifestyle , your sleep patterns will return to normal too.

These are the top 3 insomnia causes, which you should be aware of. Knowing the cause of your insomnia will help you cure the condition. If these methods do not work, then perhaps, it is time you need to see a doctor. You might not be battling only with insomnia but with some pathologic conditions too.